U book with me a BIKE SIGHTSEEING :

that's you write me on this blog , we meet us (depending on the weather), you take a "velo" with a credit card on a bike station on boulevard michelet, I'll come with you to a place I will have choosen, then return at the same bike station.

(only 6 euros per person, 3 persons maxi)

(about 2 hours depending on the rests)


THE FERRY BOAT (Vieux Port from Quai du port in front of the Cityhall to Quai de Rive Neuve, and vice versa).


The shortest crossing in the world on the Ferry-Boat

After 55 years of loyal service, "Caesar" has stopped its crossings of the Old Port, having reached the age limit. Since February 27, 1967, it linked the two sides, with his "tuff tuff ..." feature.

In less than four minutes to the delight of tourists and Marseilles, he made what is considered the shortest crossing in the world. 

Since 2010, "Caesar" has been  replaced by a ferry exemplary in terms of sustainable development, autonomy, capacity, reliability, comfort and accessibility for the disabled.

Its architecture, heritage and modernity, recalls his predecessors taking into account various technical and ergonomic. This double-ended boat, that is to say capable of moving forward or backward without turning maneuver, is moved by electro-solar energy. On the aesthetic level, it is the worthy successor of Caesar, while incorporating specific features of current legislation and safety standards for passenger transportation.

The roof recalls the painting of the first ferry, or that of the old trams. The front ends of the posts refer to the traditional punnets of Marseilles. And "summer dress", obtained by sliding the large windows, still refers to the Ferry-Boat of origin, completely open.

The form of "shuttle seats is originally an ergonomically suited to the movement of passengers. She also recalls the other "shuttle Marseillaise" and describes the essential function of the vessel. This may take on Ferry-Boat 45 passengers, with an area for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs for the disabled.


  Wellknown from the real Marseillais.

You have to go to Plage de la Verrerie : Bus 19, get off to Verrerie station.

There, you will pass through narrow stairs,    You will have taken of course your beach carpet, there are some fischers bungalows surrounding. Take place. Eat your pic nic.    

At the end of the day you will have a majesting sunset on the sea.

You will never forget this.

Another cove, tiny and secret, is the "colombet beach", with the L'Abri Côtier Restaurant with terrace on the sea.

Like above, you take the bus line 19, and get off to Grotte Rolland station.

The way for the restaurant is well indicated.

A great restaurant , terrace on the sea : cheap and good meal :

on the Corniche, DAUPHINS CORNICHE, go down the stairs, you will be like on a boat ! 178 bis corniche Kennedy : bus 83 station Prophètes.


For dining, you will look at the beautiful sunset, with at many times live musik.

Look at the program on the site to discover it :



The biggest european skate park where you will practice skate board, bmx, roller



Palais Omnisports marseille grand est

12 bd fernand bonnefoy

04 91 16 52 70

bus 18 station avenue de la capelette

or bus 72 , station 12 boulevard bonnefoy